Thursday, July 6, 2017

Private Selection Green Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub

I generally don't post food reviews, though back when I started this whole blogging thing, my first blog was a food and movies blog, basically pairing various dinners with a double feature. It didn't really take off though did get some attention during what we called "Blogathon" -- back before everything was a blogathon, "Blogathon" was a charity 24-hour blogging marathon. I raised some money for ASPCA and cooked about five million gallons of chicken stock while doing it. Fun times.

Speaking of chicken, this Private Selection Green Chile Ranch seasoning rub is the first rub mixture I've ever tried. It's good! My only very nitpicky complaint is that it's a little milder than I would expect, but you fix that by using more of it, as experts will tell you.

This rub was perfect on chicken breasts grilled up and used in sandwiches, and paired really well with avocado. It wasn't too spicy, though I recommend something to cut the heat anyway, mayo at least or maybe a little ranch dressing. It also tastes really great on potatoes -- as it should, it's basically ranch powder like you can get on flavored chips, but much more delicious. You should really try this stuff sometime.