Monday, September 21, 2009


Ok ok ok ok, this is awesome, you have to try this.

First, you need a head shot of someone, yourself or just grab a picture online, doesn't matter. I've even provided one for you if you need one. (I haven't tried with this pic of Bruce, if you use it, tell me how it works.) The pic needs to be on your hard drive.

Then go here:

It's in Japanese but should be easily navigable. Click CHANGE, wait until it says UP and then click on that. Then choose the photo on your hard drive that you want. It has to be a head shot like that pic of Bruce over there, it doesn't work otherwise.

Wait a minute and then REVEL IN THE AWESOMENESS. Warning: Nightmares may plague you for a few days.


  1. ew ew ew ew!!! that is one of the freakiest things ever!!

  2. I know, isn't it insane? I did it with a picture of myself and about flipped out.

  3. Jeez, the North Koreans would just lean the dead joes against a wall, prop their eyes open a little and light them from a slight underneath angle, take a grainy snap shot, and voila! Alive again! This is so much more awesomely effing creepy!