Thursday, October 1, 2009

taste the fun

I just found this in my grandma's stuff and thought it was neat:

It's a postcard of the Saltair Pavilion (the 2nd version) and lake. This postcard was sent to my grandparents and dad in 1938; dad would have been almost 11 at the time. And look -- it came with a tiny bag of Salt Lake salt attached! I didn't open it of course, but it smells like salt so I don't think it's lying to me. Can you imagine trying to send this through the mail nowadays?

Here is a huge 1500 px size version so you can see the details. These postcards were colorized photographs printed on thick linen cardstock. I love looking at all the people in the picture.

In the lower left hand corner is a man floating that I swear to you is W.C. Fields:

If it is him, the colorist forgot to redden his nose.


  1. I had a million of these types of cards from all over the country. Grandma made people send her postcards from everywhere, but I only kept about 100 of the best ones. This is the only one where something was attached to the card.