Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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You tell us, Dick.

From everyone's favorite psychotic expressionistic comic strip, Dick Tracy.


  1. Great god, I hated Chester Gould's work in the 50's and 60's and to the end. The artwork was less interesting and the plots were so annoying. Fearless Fosdick was so much better.

  2. A local restaurant used to have a genuine Fearless Fosdick hair cream advertisement, I loved it. Otherwise, I have never seen Fearless or any of the Fearless strips.

  3. Fearless was Al Capp's satire of Dick Tracy, a hopeless boob, and Li'l Abner's idol - he only appeared in that strip, as a strip within a strip. Usually Fearless ended putting neat round bullet holes in everyone in that day's adventure, mostly by accident. Li'l Abner was so fixated on being like Fearless Fosdick, that's how he married Daisy Mae - the fictional comic strip writer was asked to marry Fearless off (it was a fake marriage in the strip!), and Li'l Abner felt compelled to marry Daisy Mae. He shoulda gone for Stupifyin' Jones, she was much more salacious - Julie Newmar played her on film, the only recorded time a Frank Frazetta drawing came to life. (For a while, Frazetta would draw the women's bodies, and Capp would add the heads.)