Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, about MST3K Vol 20...

Remember how, last month, I said I couldn't wait to find out how the new Shout! Factory MST3K Volume 20 set was going to look?

This is from about 11 seconds into "Project Moonbase." You can see it's the same sort of thing that happened in the "Beast of Yucca Flats" disk I posted about a month ago. When it plays at regular speed, it looks like a white flicker, and it happens repeatedly on multiple disks.

I went through this set immediately because I was too late to return the other sets. I'm exchanging it and I won't be buying any more. The reason people buy the disks is so they can get nice clean copies of what they already have from "trading" copies, and this pretty much undermines that reasoning. Besides, neither Shout! nor the store I buy them from has responded to my complaints (except with a snotty email from Shout! that made it clear they didn't give a fuck), so fuck them.

I just wish MST3K fans didn't think that it was sacrilege to expect decent quality on disks. Most just say "Yay I don't care that it sucks at least I have it!" which is, honestly, not a very defensible life philosophy.

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