Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cox Communications can suck it

For 2 weeks our local cable company -- Cox Communications -- has run the Emergency Broadcast Test at least once a day. It's always called a "weekly" or a "monthly" test, but it's quite obviously a daily test. I called them to complain because that's the kind of person I am. Cox said it was because of storm season, but why do they need to run a test daily or more to make sure it works? Why can't they do it 3 times a week or something?

Basically, we've ended up with something like 10 movies ruined because of the test. It ran over the last 45 seconds of "Gone With the Wind" the other day, and ran through the exciting ending of "Thunderbird 6" last night. I recorded a Jack Benny film that got really screwed up, because the Emergency Broadcast Test didn't cleanly cut off when it was over, and the picture stayed off for 10 minutes until it was fixed.

In conclusion, Cox can suck it.

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