Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashions of 1920

I was watching part of "Within Our Gates" (1920) last night -- only part of it because my disk had run out of room about an hour into recording, so I was a wee bit peeved -- but I was absolutely enamored of the fashions of that era. Sylvia especially has a gorgeous white dress in the early part of the film. I'm not usually into fashion of any era, but I was so struck with Sylvia's dress that I thought I'd do a little fashion spam post.

This is Evelyn Preer, who played Sylvia in "Within Our Gates". (sauce: Omega418 on flickr) She's so gorgeous. She was reportedly one of the best actresses of her day, but sadly very few of her films survive.

Sylvia's dress in the movie looked a lot like Bess Truman's, seen here in her 1919 wedding to some guy named Harry. I think he did something once. Maybe a couple of somethings.

Here are some patterns of dresses very similar to ones seen in "Within Our Gates". Alma, the supporting female role, wears a suit almost exactly like the one on the right. (sauce - some fun early fashion stuff here)

Another set of patterns. So pretty.

Sylvia had a coat in the film a lot like the woman on the left does. Photo circa 1925. (sauce)

A 1920 fashion study by photographer Baron de Meyer. Beautiful. (Update March 2010: A terrific link on de Meyer here at Aesthetes Lament, courtesy Dfordoom of Cult Movie Reviews.)

School Frocks of 1919! (sauce)

Paul Poiret fashions (sauce)

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