Monday, June 8, 2009

being out in public is fun

I would like to share with you something that happened today at about 6:00 PM at the Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and which is a very good example of why the K-State vet med can suck it.

I was buying some cat food when a vet (student vet, I'm sure) and 2 customers with their cats in carriers came walking in behind me. They talked a bit about how one of the cats is a real problem behavior-wise. The vet starts a line of conversation that absolutely floored me:

VET STUDENT: Yes, all tricolor cats are behavioral problems. That's because nearly 80% of tricolor cats are female.

MALE CUSTOMER: Ah, it's a woman thing.

VET STUDENT: Yeah, exactly, the female of every species is difficult to get along with and control.

MALE CUSTOMER: *laughs knowingly*

VET STUDENT: Today I was being assigned my patients a
nd I was given a tricolor female, and I put the file back in the pile and grabbed another one. No way will I work with a tricolor female.

This tricolor bitch hag female cat has ruined the lives of many innocent men.

Now, keep in mind a few things: Nearly 100% of tricolor cats are female. It's no "nearly 80%", and a vet student should know that. I knew that and I've never even seen a true tricolor cat. Secondly, I can't find anything online that supports the idea that all tricolor cats, especially female, are behavior problems. (I used keywords like behavior, behavioral problems, unfriendly, and aggressive. Nothing came up.)

And I'm sure customers love hearing that you, their vet, deliberately refuse to help cats just like their own because you have a crazy bias that almost seems sexist. Sexist... against cats. Who thinks like this?


  1. All our calicos were unusual personalities, not problematic, and our one tortoiseshell was normal as hell, so those future animal sadists are just showin' their ignorance, sadly. Fuck 'em.

  2. I knew about the 100% thing too... gives you a lot of confidence in that guy! My tortoiseshell is a little aloof, but no behavioral problems. If it was a "girl thing" wouldn't female maine coons, siamese, etc. all be bitches too? btw I love the label!

  3. I think my male Siamese is a tricolor female. He's very demanding of affection and bitches (vocalizes) a lot. I hope my vet will treat him and not be afraid of icky girl cootie germs.

  4. Apparently my male mackerel tabby is also a tricolor female, since he's a big chubby behavioral problem on 4 legs.

    I agree, Kate - the reason these cats are usually female is a genetic thing, which is something that vet should know by now.