Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog, The Magnificent Ferret

A "New Scooby Doo Movie" is on Boomerang right now (started 7:00 PM Central). It's "Haunted Carnival", the one with Dick Van Dyke as a guest star. About 35 minutes into it, Dick is in front of a carnival attraction which is labelled "Blog, The Magnificent Ferret". This ferret is 6 foot tall and 10 stone! That is magnificent! See Blog for just 10 cents!

I wasn't able to record it because my DVR was busy finalizing a disk, but I am not the only one to report on this amazing discovery. Alternately, you can watch it on this poor-quality Youtube video, starting at 8:10.

Is it not magnificent? The whole episode is filled with that trademark Hannah Barbera accidental pervertedness.


  1. Outside of the original Jonny Quest - Doug Wildey brought so much to that show that was never matched, especially by HB; and one, or mebbe two others from their stable, I cannot stand to watch any HB shows, and even tho I turned off the sound once to see if that helped, they still offended my sore sclerotics.

  2. I was honestly surprised at how easily I could recognize Van Dyke considering how poor the animation was. At one point a character hits one of those strength testers and falls over, and it seemed to involve taking the cell where the character was drawn and simply turning it 90 degrees. Hilariously inept.

  3. It was better animation than "Clutch Cargo" - but Clutch was more fun, despite that handicap. Van Dyke was scarily like an animated character, kinda.

    I preferred "Roger Ramjet" and "eez Moose and Squirrel!" for limited animation cartoons. They at least were upfront and honest about their own accidental-on-purpose pervertedness.

  4. I loved Roger Ramjet! It used to be on some cable channel back in the early or mid 1990s and I taped a bunch of them off. Then I taped over it, thinking it would surely be released on VHS or DVD. Hahahahaha right.

    Thankfully, Rocky & Bullwinkle was released. I have the 1st DVD.

  5. All but six or so, which are prolly lost, of the Ramjets are on DVD now.

  6. There are some lost Roger Ramjets? Ugh. I had no idea.